Undergraduate Students


Chelsea Abell

I was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia which is about thirty minutes away from the coast and has always been a true source of happiness for me. My family and I spent every summer in the Outer Banks of North Carolina soaking up the sun at the beach. After graduating from high school, I immediately joined the Coast Guard to further my love of the water. While in the Coast Guard, I experienced many storms and disasters and these experiences only deepened my interest in the coast and how it can be affected by natural and human processes. Since leaving the Coast Guard six years ago, I have continued to live in beach communities on the east coast.  As a result, I have come to better understand my career goals, more specifically, that I want to obtain a degree in Coastal Engineering or Environmental Engineering.  I am excited that soon I will be able to apply my love for the outdoors and the water environments to my professional work life. In my free time, I love to go hiking, fishing, and boating with family and friends.

Drew Davey

My name is Drew Davey and I’m an undergraduate studying Coastal Engineering at UNCW. Growing up near the Outer Banks, I have always had a passion for the ocean and a fascination with coastal processes. In my free time I surf, rock-climb, and run a small photography business on the side. I have spent the past few years living on a sailboat I restored and navigating North Carolina’s waterways. This has given me a first-hand look into our constantly changing coast. I chose this career path because it will give me the opportunity to study coastal morphology and make a contribution to the protection of our coasts.



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